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The Client

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Tony Scodwell has established a reputation as a master craftsman and one of the greatest trumpet players of our time. His acclaimed trumpets and flugelhorns are created one at a time by Tony himself, allowing for each horn to be thoroughly tested in order to deliver unmatched clarity, intonation and projection. Scodwell has a rigorous approach to building instruments: if Tony wouldn’t play it, he won’t sell it.

Scodwell’s Challenge

Scodwell’s primary goal was to provide a web presence for a brand and collection of products that will speak to professional musicians. The biggest challenge was that trumpets are an extension of their owner and are just as unique. We needed a solution to help professional trumpet players select an instrument with the vibrancy, richness, and responsiveness of their choice; without being able to interact with the trumpet themselves.

Our Approach

Classic Design

With an exclusive clientele and hand crafted trumpets and flugelhorns of the highest quality materials, Scodwell needed an elegantly crafted, custom website design. We decided a classic web page design with a 1920’s look and feel would showcase the Scodwell brand with unmatched balance, finesse and pizzazz.

Custom Features

Trumpet Selection

Working with Scodwell, we developed a custom barometer that helps inform musicians about the musical traits of each instrument in the Scodwell collection. To tailor the experience to their musical and playing style, we scored the projection, balance, intonation, and response for each trumpet.

The Website

Working with professional photography of Scodwell’s performances, workshop, and trumpets, we opted for a custom web page design featuring muted color palettes, gradients, and textures. Wa wanted to create a style consistent with the jazz age to help emphasize a vintage and classy style. For typography, we chose Alegreya Sans for its calligraphic feeling that conveys a dynamic and varied rhythm. Scodwell agreed this would be the perfect font to express their brand’s caliber and prestige.

Measure of Success

In the end, Tony Scodwell and Scodwell USA received an elegant, professional website design, where people can learn more about Tony’s self crafted trumpets and flugelhorns. The objective of expanding the company’s potential reach was achieved, and professional musicians everywhere will have access to Scodwell’s amazing trumpets.


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