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The Client

Discover Roceteer

Roceteer is a premier player in Las Vegas tech startup scene, advising Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, and many other business owners associated with Downtown Project Las Vegas. They assess companies to increase return on capital of business ecosystems through targeted mentoring, co-learning, and connection programs.

Roceteer’s Dilemma

Roceteer needed to completely rethink and deploy a custom website design. They wanted to maintain the fun and energetic look and feel of their start up culture, while conveying the maturity and confidence needed for a large scale business consultation firm. The challenge was they only had two weeks before presenting their new, professional website design at an important industry conference.

Our Approach

A New Digital Identity

Roceteer requested to have a site driven by illustrations without photography. As a site ruled by illustrations, the icons needed to reflect the same fun, colorful nature. It was our goal to reinforce the Roceteer messaging of each speaking point on the website while maintaining visual consistency.

Illustration Style


Lato Black



Lato Regular




Custom Website Design

Roceteer had to strike a fine balance between approachability and authority. To accomplish this, we combined friendly illustration, straightforward navigation, and a reserved yet vibrant palette for a cohesive experience that informs, engages and directs.

Measure of Success

We managed to complete the new Roceteer website in an amazing week and a half. The new web page design was a huge success at the convention when Roceteer presented. They now enjoy a professional website design , great mobile experience, and significantly better search engine optimization. The team at Roceteer was thrilled and we are excited for their continued success.

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