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The Client

Discover BoardCo

BoardCo specializes in everything you will ever need for wakeboarding and waterskiing. Since 1989 BoardCo has been a team of some of the best riders and the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry. They cater to a collection of individuals that are dedicated to a lifestyle of expression and freedom, and who love the art of standing sideways.

The Challenges

Archaic Systems

With the ever increasing need for internet security, BoardCo was facing some serious security vulnerabilities to their payment processing, inventory management, user data encryption.

Seven Brands, One Database

With seven websites pulling from one product database, BoardCo had to create duplicate product listings to feature different prices and properties for several online business stores.

Over 9000 Products

With over 9000 unique products, BoardCo had some unique eCommerce needs in order to update their systems. Every one of these products needed to be migrated without pre-existing documentation as a guide.

Our Approach

Improved Customer Experience

BoardCo’s large and loyal customer base has been purchasing products on their eCommerce website for years, and played a large role in influencing our website redesign. We decided to revamp the user experience and update the existing web page design by making it modern and responsive on mobile devices. We also added innovative and robust eCommerce features such as filtering of search results, specialized product pages, and a streamlined, one page checkout.

The Hidden Solutions

Saving BoardCo Time & Money

We developed a new, more secure, and easier to use back-end system for their online store. We created a custom system combining Lightspeed and Magento to support secure payment processing, inventory management, user data encryption for all 7 sites, while maintaining the content for each unique product.

The Website

During the project planning phase for BoardCo, we quickly realized that their websites were confusing and out of date. Their problems ranged from poor search features to frustrating checkout processes, and virtually no mobile experience for several sites. Our goal was to streamline the customer experience for finding and purchasing products from the BoardCo sites, and make all of their websites mobile friendly.

Custom Features

Search Filters and Rollover Info

We improved the online store experience by developing  search filter and predictive search features. BoardCo’s new eCommerce website design allows customers to filter search results by: price range, gender, brand, color, and much, much more. Products also now feature additional info on rollover.

Custom Features

Real Time Search Results

In the new shopping experience, customers that use the search field will be prompted with a list of relevant results while typing.

Front-End Solutions

Optimized Product Pages

We concluded through analytics research that BoardCo’s previous product pages caused a lot of confusion for their customers. We developed a custom, easy to use selection and add to cart feature and removed up selling during checkout to increase customer retention.

Front + Back End Solutions

One Page Checkout

We streamlined the online store payment processing with a one page checkout containing a newly added tax and shipping calculator. We also developed a new backend system preventing any potential shopping cart errors when customers are idle or shopping.

Mobile Web Design

Using a mobile first approach, we made BoardCo and their sister companies accessible across screen sizes, devices and resolutions so visitors can enjoy their shopping experience from mobile or tablet just as much as desktop.

The Results

One database, seven brands, and seven websites all working together.

Measure of Success

Reviewing website analytics following the launch of the new BoardCo website, we saw website traffic increase by 400%. BoardCo reports improved customer engagement and ease-of-use in updating their online store. After the new site launch BoardCo saw sales increase by over $170,000 in just the first month.


Increased Viewership


First Month Sales


Happier BoardCo Employees

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